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Vernon Electric Cooperative allows members of the Cooperative to sell excess energy from their renewable energy system to the Cooperative at retail rate.  There is a one-time equipment charge of $500 for the installation of a bi-directional meter and a monthly Facility Charge of $3.00 for the "sell back" portion of the meter.  This is in addition to the regular monthly Facility Charge.  The information links below will give you more information in navigating this process:

REBATES: Vernon Electric is offering a rebate for net-metered, solar photovoltaic installations on Vernon Electric lines of $250 per KW of installed capacity, up to $750 maximum. This rebate is evaluated annually (12/31) and could change. To submit for a rebate please supply copies of paid invoices for labor and equipment. Solar panels must have been purchased within 6 months of installation.

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