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Tree Work Request

I request Vernon Electric Cooperative to perform the tree work indicated below. I also understand Vernon electric Cooperative works on only those trees or limbs that may endanger VEC power lines or VEC overhead equipment. Vernon Electric Cooperative evaluates each tree work request, in person, to determine when or if a crew should be dispatched to this location. The tree work that you have requested may or may not be performed. Vernon Electric Cooperative's primary business is providing reliable electric service to the meter, not removing trees that are not interfering with that service. Vernon Electric Cooperative may choose to drop the line so your tree contractor can perform the work. Please detail the requested work below:

Indicate how the trees are marked and the tree's location so we can find it.
By checking this box, I understand that all debris resulting from tree or limb removal is my responsibility for clean up. I agree that Vernon Electric Cooperative will not be responsible for any property damage as a result of this request.
Enter your name.
Enter your street address, city, state, and zip code.
Enter today's date.
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